Healthier. Breath by breath.Breath analyzers for lab-quality diagnosticsin the palm of your hand.

Facts about our breath.



Each breath contains so called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are gases or organic components providing information about your state of health.


Blood tests clinically replaced by breath tests

Due to the rapid technical progress in gas sensor technology, VOCs from the breath can be examined within minutes, using techniques that are increasingly suitable for mobile use.

more than

Clinical studies

showing that breath tests will replace blood tests in the long run. As a product of your body's metabolic activity, VOCs directly reflect the state of tissues and cells, making them valuable non-invasive biomarkers.

Our LactoLevel.

We are proud to present our LactoLevel. A mobile spiroergometer in a class of its own. Just as big as a smartphone and even easier to use. Switch it on, blow in it and you're done. This makes training control possible for everyone.


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Our "business woman" - as a graduate chemist and business chemist, she is responsible for everything to do with business development.



As a medical physicist she is representing the technical side of the team, prototype construction and device development.

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